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Why it works.

Northstar’s successful model is based on the fact that there will always be people needing housing provided by the local authority. This is unlikely to change. In fact, the number is likely only to get higher.

Since the majority of people bought their council houses in the 1980s and 1990s, there has been a serious shortage of them. Local authorities have been using homes provided by private landlords to make up a significant part of that shortfall. The authorities enter into contracts with companies like Northstar, contracting them to provide a certain number of units per year.
Northstar then works with clients like you who can make a profit from their investment at the same time as helping local authorities to meet their requirements.

With current economic conditions, the number of people needing to be housed by local authorities is expected to continue rising, which means the market should remain very stable. This, in turn, means that leases are very likely, though not guaranteed, to be renewed.

...there will always be people needing housing provided by the authorities, or as a long term investment.