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"I highly recommend this professional, hassle-free and extremely financially astute service."

Vicky Wusche

  • "Having just completed on our latest unit we are so pleased with the professional service provided by Agi and North Star Properties since our first dealings back in 2006 when we were introduced to the but-to-let business. We now have 5 properties rented out and all are smooth running with little effort due to the sound advice and guidance we have received. We would not hesitate to recommend, in fact we would strongly advise anyone considering this business to speak to Agi in the first instance!"

    Bryan & Cynthia Farrelly

    "When I bought my flat in Peckham at a fairly advanced time of life, I was new to the buy-to-let market, and was introduced to Agi Eugenio by a friend.  I quickly discovered that I had made another friend, who made the whole business of purchase a pleasure, and helped me with all aspects of the marketability of the flat.  He also guided me in obtaining a long-term tenancy arrangement, and protected me with regard to matters of maintenance and repair; all of this being most important to me as I was living a long way from my rental property.  Despite the fact that I only saw my property on one occasion (for the purchase), for a decade I enjoyed a good  income, and was rarely troubled with any problems; when they arose, I always turned to Agi for advice which was readily and efficiently given.  On selling the flat recently I made a profit, which means that I am now comfortably off and can stop worrying about money."


    "I had no idea how to proceed in the ‘Buy to Let’ market. So I decided, at some point in time, you have to trust someone who does.... Agi at North Star was the perfect choice.

    Agi explained the costs ‘up front’...located and recommended the property (not all are suitable for buy to lets)...then recommended and negotiated the buying price...the solicitors...the sale completion...the refurbishments (if necessary). Then organised the tenants via the Housing Associations and placed me on my feet as a landlord.

    All I did was sign a few documents and trusted the services of North Star.

    This was so easy. Immediately I continued with more properties. The financial return they are giving me now is far beyond my expectations.

    With confidence, it is easy to recommend the services of North Star."

    Bob and Eileen Maidment

    "After disastrous advice by a so called professional Financial Adviser back in 1998 (pre new regulations) I was well and truly ripped-off. Stupidly I transferred funds of 25 years from my BBC index linked Pension, into a negative zone.... Crazy! . Soon after I knew I had to set up a plan to provide income other than a bad pension. 'Agi to the rescue.!!!.'.. He was inspired (for me) back then in 2005 setting up what has proven to be a God send Buy- to-Let business. His genuine honest approach convinced a very suspicious person (ME!) to invest in his ideas. Today nearly ten years on I can sleep well . I have income growth, and peace of mind, and that's important, very important. Thank you so much Agi Eugenio my friend!."

    Kevin J Rowley

    "It has been a pleasure to meet and get to know Agi and the Northstar Property Investment Business. Agi offers an excellent, very helpful and friendly service as well as a first class business proposition. He gave all the advice needed and most important, has the experience and all the invaluable contacts. A Landlord's guardian angel!"

    Moira and Tony

    " Nita and I have found your service to be absolutely fantastic and would recommend it to anyone. In fact, we cannot wait to be in a position to be able to use you again. Everything you promised was delivered and with such a speedy response. We honestly think that it would be extremely hard for anyone else to match your service, professionalism and indepth knowledge of the market. "

    "Best wishes and God Bless you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

    Pinakin & Nita Acharya

    " We never realised that purchasing a buy-to-let property could be so simple and painless (for us anyway!) As first-timers, we were naturally concerned about the amount of time we’d be asked to devote to the project. We didn’t have to worry though, as almost everything that needed to be done was done for us. Agi and his team provide an excellent service and their knowledge and expertise is priceless. Our investment was practically delivered to us on a plate. Fantastic. If only buying my own home could be this easy! "

    Martyn Shuttler

    "The idea of investing in property was scary - where to start, which place to buy, how would we find tenants, would we make money? Then we met Agi. Right from the first moment his experience and expertise were clear. Our first property was found, fixed and filled, mortgages arranged and all I had to do was read a few papers and sign a few cheques. The result is a staggering £350+ per month cash surplus and capital growth of £70,000+ in the first year. The first property financed the purchase of the second and so on it goes."

    "I highly recommend this professional, hassle-free and extremely financially astute service."

    Vicki Wusche

    "We were attracted to the Northstar proposition because it was different from other buy-to-let offerings, which often involve greater risks - particularly the difficulty of finding reliable and continuing tenancies."

    "We have now acquired two London properties through Northstar. Agi and his team guided and supported us through every step of the way and removed all of the hassle. They were transparent and open about the financial and other commitments involved, as well as the rewards, and they delivered exactly what they said they would. Even when two sales fell through, through no fault of theirs, they quickly came up with attractive alternatives. Agi and his associates managed the whole process with professionalism and integrity."

    Paul Allan

    "Since being introduced to Agi Eugenio in 2004, he has proved to be exceptionally professional in the acquisition of three flats for me and my wife. I have recommended him to friends and family. After explaining, in a completely non-pressurised manner, all the pros and cons involved, he has also gone on to acquire properties for them too."

    Don & Pearl Potter

    "Without Agi’s assistance, I would never have got into buy-to-let, but I’m certainly very glad I did. Agi makes it extremely easy and explains things very carefully. The long term leases that are set up for you take away the problem of having to find tenants and the maintenance aspect of being a landlord is quite negligible. Anyone who gets involved with Northstar inevitably feels themselves very fortunate."

    Andrew Horn

    "After a five-year nightmare as a landlord in the private sector, I was hesitant to put myself in that position again. With the banks offering very poor returns on savings, a friend introduced me to Agi Eugenio of Northstar Homes. An informative meeting with Agi, easily persuaded me to invest in property once more and I subsequently purchased two homes in the inner-London area. With Agi's smooth guidance, these transactions have proved trouble-free and I now enjoy the benefits of regular, secure return on my investments. I do not believe that I could have achieved this level of reward without the assuring expertise of Northstar Homes."

    Brian Willoughby

    "About three years ago we read a news article about Bath Building Society's Student Mortgage scheme - a 100% interest-only mortgage aimed specifically at students who would cover repayments by letting rooms to their fellow undergraduates. With our eldest child about to go to London and facing rent of over £500 a month in any case, it seemed like a no-brainer (and so it has proved!) Our difficulty was that we live in Devon - how on earth were we supposed to source a house in London? Enter Agi and Northstar, mentioned in the same article as a company that do the searching for you and, as it turned out, infinitely more than that, all on a no purchase-no fee understanding.

    We travelled to London one day and met Agi and were instantly convinced. Sure, Northstar is a multi-faceted business, but you would be hard pushed to find a business so ethical - Agi is so straight, so genuine, and from the first minute it was clear that his job satisfaction derives 100% from the sheer pleasure he gets from helping people in solid, life-determining ways. What other means is there for a 19-year-old to become a house owner? Our journey to get our son onto the property ladder was still not easy - when is buying a house easy? - and Bath's restrictions limited us to the very cheapest areas.

    The procedure was that Agi would source ten possibilities and every few weeks we would travel down and see all ten in a day, but after the first of these days we made an offer and here is another reason for using North Star - it immediately became clear that with Agi's connections, experience in the market and personal skills,  we were saving far more by using Northstar than the cost of their fee! There were stressful moments, but at every step Agi's wise and soothing voice was instantly and always there.

    "On being introduced to Agi some twelve years ago, I was first struck by how softly he spoke – a little strange for someone in the hard and fast property business. I soon came to realises this was just Agi – a truly professional businessman, who has a genuine desire to help his clients benefit from his years of experience of buy-to-let market place. Over the past twelve years I have bought a few properties via Agi’s service, as well as introduced him to friends and family who have expressed a desire to enter this market. The property market can be a daunting place, especially as the figures involved are often frightening. There are no sure bets with any investment, however my advice to anyone looking for a long term investment opportunity would be, ‘employ the services of a subject matter expert’, and as far as I’m concerned Agi is one of the best in this particular field."

    Carl D

    "Agi always gives an excellent hand holding service. I would highly recommend to any prospective clients. No questions are ever too difficult to answer and always available to help."


    “I first started working with Northstar some 10 years ago and with their help I have built a modest but very successful property portfolio. Agi Eugenio, who heads Northstar, provides a very personal service, offering valuable, straightforward and expert advice. Once you start working with Northstar they provide a continuous friendly and supportive service to help you learn and develop your property investments. This is invaluable, comes at no cost and creates a strong working partnership. This type of honest and mutually beneficial approach is quite rare in our business environment and I cannot recommend Northstar enough to potential and future investors”

    Mike Seignior, Buy to Let property investor.

    “The whole process of damage, insurance, repair, preparation for re renting, finding a better agent and remortgaging nearly finished me off! Without your encouragement, motivation and expert guidance, I would not have got through it.”

    Stephen Ison

    "I am a Chartered Building Surveyor with 30 years experience working in all areas of both residential and commercial property.

    I am happy to provide at the request of Mr Agi Eugenio a letter of reference for both himself personally and his company Northstar Homes.

    I have known Mr Eugenio for over 20 years and as both a client and professional advisor he has always demonstrated the highest levels of competence, professionalism, honesty and above all infectious enthusiasm for everthing that he does. He is commited in a most serious way to providing consistently high levels of service and commitment to his projects.

    Northstar Homes under the guidance of Mr Eugenio and his staff has been providing a procurement service to clients (including myself) for the acquisition of buy-to-let investments in many parts of the south-east of England. All of my experiences with Northstar Homes have been demonstrative of the high standards of service, honesty and commitment shown by Mr Eugenio.

    I highly recommend Northstar Homes as a partner to the University in providing access to student accommodation investments."

    Mark C. Cloutman

  • "We have worked with Agi and Northstar for the past six years. They have provided us with 119 properties. They supply excellent quality properties for use in temporary accommodation. Properties are handed over smoothly and efficiently and as a result Northstar has been awarded Gold Star Landlord status with our housing association."

    Ms Constable, Business Team Leader, a North London Housing Association<

    "We have worked with Agi Eugenio and Northstar for many years. Agi and his team are highly skilled at delivering quality property investments on behalf of their clients, with a strong and reliable income stream flowing immediately on completion of each project. I recommend anyone wishing to take advantage of present market conditions to discuss the opportunities available with Agi Eugenio."

    Mr DaBora, Director, Finance and Strategy, an East London Housing Provider

    "We would recommend Northstar to future clients. The service provided is excellent, communication is good and the quality of the properties is high. Keep up the good work."

    Ms Allison, Property Acquisition Officer, a North-West London Housing Association

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