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This is why many parents want to buy a property for their child to live in – and as an investment for the future. But in a large unfamiliar city or town, just where do you start?

UniCommodation is where you start. We do all the work for you, using our industry expertise and local knowledge. Here is the whole process in just five simple steps:

Step 1

We identify a suitable property. We use our local knowledge, liaise with the university, check the transport routes, walk the streets, check local amenities and speak to your son/daughter and other students. Only when we have found the right package do we present the property to you for approval.

Step 2

We help you organise the funding of the purchase, finding the optimum mortgage for you. We have a team of mortgage broker colleagues who have assisted our customers in hundreds of purchases.

Step 3

We acquire the property on your behalf and refurbish it to the desired and required standard, using our trusted contractors. Being professional property buyers and refurbishment specialists, we will be able to buy the property at the very best price possible and refurbish it efficiently and economically. We will maximise the rental potential of the property and ensure that the property complies with the registration requirements of the university and all statutory requirements such as Gas and Electricity Safety Certification, Fire Precautions (including furniture), Security etc.

Step 4

We will help your son or daughter as they move in and we’ll organise the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements for the other student tenants including Tenancy Deposit Schemes. We will ensure utilities are connected, everything is in order, and all health & safety requirements are both met and understood. Step 5 You will be able to go home knowing your son or daughter is in good quality, safe accommodation – and you have made a shrewd investment that will not only be valuable in the future but which will also provide you with a monthly income all the time the property is occupied.


If it sounds simple… well, it is.


Contact Agi Eugenio here, Managing Director, for more details.