Where should daughter invest?

Dear Agi,

My 19-year-old daughter is at university and she’s just inherited a sum of money from her grandfather. I’d like her to invest it in property, but do not know if she should buy a house to live in near her university town or buy an investment property. What do you think is best?

Dear Simone
I appreciate your (daughter’s fortunate) dilemma and would say that you can help her potentially do both. With our 100 percent funding for university property package service, she can buy a larger property than she needs where she is studying and rent out the additional rooms to her friends to help pay the mortgage with the lenders blessing.

The balance of her inheritance can be used as a deposit on a buy-to-let property in London that we could deliver, bestowing guaranteed rental income with a useful surplus. Thereby, in principle, it is possible for her to benefit both from owning her own home in the university town and a buyto-let investment in London. I hope this helps and I’m pleased she has this marvellous opportunity.
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