This is why many parents want to buy a property for their child to live in – and as an investment for the future. But in a large unfamiliar city or town, just where do you start?

" We used Agi’s services to help us locate, purchase and prepare a house for our son near his university.  Agi helped us find the right property and did initial suitability checks, liaising with the council and vendors’ agent.  His contacts with the mortgage provider, solicitors and builders to carry out the necessary alterations to and renovation of the property made what could have proved very daunting and time consuming a smooth process.  We would probably never have undertaken this alone, particularly at a distance of 200 miles, but we now have the comfort of knowing that our son has an attractive and secure home.  We would highly recommend his services. "

David and Sian



" It has been a great privilege to meet you. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you profusely for all your assistance in the whole process  from start to finish and successfully putting Josh up the property ladder, while he continues to pursue his career. We would like to state that you are very refined in your work and would be happy to recommend you to any future openings. We are ever so grateful for your kind help and wish you every success in the future. "

Alban & Genny



" Thanks for the information and I am pleased to see you are keeping your high reputation! It appears that Josh and family have experienced the feeling I also had when the unknown is taken out of purchasing a property because of your expertise. I will confidently recomend your services at every opportunity. "
Bob M.



" I am 19 and a university student studying in Birmingham and I never thought purchasing my first property whilst still studying would ever be this easy without help of Agi Eugenio. Agi and his team were excellent in helping me to decide where to buy and their knowledge and expertise of the whole process was second to none. He provided a perfect service, well organised and what initially thought would be a scary and daunting process was in fact made very managable. Thank you for all your help and I thoroughly appreciate it. Would recommend to other students who are looking to purchase university accomodation to go through Agi and Northstar. "

Dhiren Mistry, 2nd Year Chemical Engineering Student, University of Birmingham



" I am a Chartered Building Surveyor with 30 years experience working in all areas of both residential and commercial property.


I am happy to provide at the request of Mr Agi Eugenio a letter of reference for both himself personally and his company Northstar Homes.


I have known Mr Eugenio for over 20 years and as both a client and professional advisor he has always demonstrated the highest levels of competence, professionalism, honesty and above all infectious enthusiasm for everthing that he does. He is commited in a most serious way to providing consistently high levels of service and commitment to his projects.


Northstar Homes under the guidance of Mr Eugenio and his staff has been providing a procurement service to clients (including myself) for the acquisition of buy-to-let investments in many parts of the south-east of England. All of my experiences with Northstar Homes have been demonstrative of the high standards of service, honesty and commitment shown by Mr Eugenio.


I highly recommend Northstar Homes as a partner to the University in providing access to student accommodation investments. "

Mark C. Cloutman, BSc MRICS


" We have no hesitation in recommending Agi Eugenio and Northstar homes. Agi helped us through the whole process of locating properties, arranging finance, dealing with lawyers, undertaking a substantial refurbishment and successfully letting the properties we purchased.
A process that could have been stressful and difficult was in fact enjoyable and straightforward. We are delighted with the end result and feel we have truly benefitted from the years of experience that Agi has in this field. Agi is exceptionally responsive and professional. He and his team have absolutely ‘delivered the goods’ and we have accomplished what we had hoped for at the beginning of the process and more. "

" We took the view that rather than paying out for privately rented accommodation, we would be better off getting a mortgage in our son’s name and putting him on the property ladder.


For some students, having a mortgage is a perfect launchpad for their future.


A student let can earn a lot more than a traditional rental, but now students are responsible for their own loans, they expect a lot more from the properties they live in.


With the above views in mind we had an opportunity to meet up with Agi Eugenio of Northstar Homes and his team who provide excellent services from start to finish to make this possible.


We had a brief meeting with Agi who explained to us the full process of acquiring a Buy-to-let Uni Mortgage and a few months down the line  from our first meeting with Agi my son is on the property ladder, a Landlord. It is certainly a Degree of Sense. My son Joshua enjoys living in his own house instead of a privately rented accommodation and of course his fellow students renting with him comfortably make up the Mortgage.


It couldn’t have been this easy without Agi and his team. Agi’s various contacts in this business for a Buy-to-let Uni  Mortgage make the dealing simply easy. My son Joshua says it was like taking a walk in the park!


Agi and his team are reliable, professional and efficient in their field and would be highly recommended to help many more young students to get on to the property ladder. "

Mrs Colaco, Office Manager, George Hay & Company



" This is to confirm that that my wife and I employed the services of Agi Eugenio from Northstar Homes Ltd, Laguna House, Herons Rise, New Barnet in the summer of 2012 to source a property for our son who was entering year two of his university course in Manchester.


We found Agi’s services, professionalism and advise to be outstanding not only in terms of finding us a property but also other related financial direction he was able to afford us. "


We have no hesitation in recommending Agi’s services.

Richard and Ruth Brand



" In my capacity as Voids and Acquisitions Manager for London Strategic Housing it is my pleasure to recommend Mr Agi Eugenio of Northstar Homes Limited to Essex University to assist in providing university students with funding to buy their own property whilst studying.


He is well known in a professional capacity by London Strategic Housing.


He has worked hard over the last few years to provide to us properties which have been used to house homeless families.  All the properties provided to the association have been of high a quality.


On the few occasions where we have required follow-ups, this has been carried out with the minimum of fuss and always to a high standard.


I believe that Northstar Homes can be considered a reputable and professional company and that I am happy to recommend without reservation. "

Jo Hagan, Voids and Acquisitions Manager



I was thinking about purchasing a Buy to Let property 6 years ago with the idea of selling them for my retirement,  if need be.


I was told of Agi and his company so I arranged a meeting; once  he explained the proceedure and benefits, I had every confidence in him and instructed  him to proceed and find me a property. Some weeks  later it was all done and dusted with  minimal  effort on my behalf -  Agi took care of everything.

In summer of 2015 I asked him to find me a further two properties -  which he did  - and  with the same exceptional service as before. Now not only can I look forward to a rosier retirement but I also receive a handsome annual income. Brilliant and thank you Agi.

Leslie from Suffolk

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