Over Northstar’s eight years in business and Managing Director, Agi Eugenio’s 35 years in the industry, we have built up a network of excellent builders, mortgage brokers and solicitors to work with us.


They are all experienced and Agi Eugenio has worked with several for well over 25 years. They are a genuine part of our team and we trust them implicitly. We have chosen all our colleagues for their capabilities, loyalty, ethical approach, customer service and for the value for money they offer. You are in safe hands with each and every one of them.



C & A Contractors

Adrian Codrea

London Building

Maintenance Ltd

Imran Khan

L&D Builders Ltd

Audrius Aumosa

First Construction

Reza Ghassemi

Telly Zabetta & Co

Telly Zabetas


M and M Interiors
Marius Maffici


Peter Brown & Co

John Dresner

Lawrence Stevens Solicitors
Anna Christou


DKLM Solicitors
Phillip Li


Goughs Solicitors



Ioannou and Co

Constantine Ioannou

Qualified Mortgage Brokers


Northstar Homes works with a team of 20 qualified mortgage brokers across the Country.

Profit from property

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