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The mortgage that allows students to buy their own homes

Some building societies are willing to lend undergraduates 100% of the cost, up to £300,000, to buy a home – with certain guarantees...

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6 New Year's business resolutions for 2015

How could you improve your business this year? Here are some ideas to get you started...

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UK Property & Investment - Sino UK real estate investment association

UK Property & Investment - Sino UK real estate investment association...

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Renting vs buying: Should you invest in student property?

Could you make a profit out of going to university? Joshua Collaco is in his second year of a fluid dynamics engineering course at Bath University. He wants to work for Nasa when he graduates, and the income he is getting from his three-bedroom semi-detached property is helping him to avoid student debt...

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Students offered "Bank of Mum and Dad" mortgage

Bath Building Society and NorthStar Homes have partnered up to offer students a guarantor mortgage while they complete their degree...

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Home in on a student revolution by buying instead of renting

A new scheme has been launched encouraging students to consider buying a house instead of renting accommodation while they study....

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Sometimes it pays to be clueless. Help is out there

Lucy Tobin finds a happy first-time buyer — but he did have a deposit and expert advice...

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The new rules of buy-to-let

Interest rates are still low, but the new buy-to-let landlords are more interested in rental income than making a quick profit from capital gains...

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First-time buyers turn to 'bank of mum and dad' to get a mortgage

A government meeting this week offered no fresh help to borrowers. But there are solutions out there. Simon Read reports...

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Where should daughter invest?

My 19-year-old daughter is at university and she’s just inherited a sum of money from her grandfather. I’d like her to invest it in property, but do not know if she should buy a house to live in near her university town or buy an investment property. What do you think is best?...

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