"This has been a really good experience. As a novice, I have relied on being able to pick up the phone any time to Northstar – and they are always able to answer immediately."


Reuben Cohen

Owner of two properties in Barnet and Brent




Reuben bought his first property two and a half years ago and was able to use the equity from that to buy his second property 18 months later. He says:


"I have wanted to get into property for a long time but I thought I couldn't afford it. When I learnt about how Northstar's system works, I saw how simple it all was with none of the hassles of doing it yourself. Northstar deals with everything.


I have been fortunate that the surplus monthly income I get from the two properties is around £900, which is a significant income considering I made the investment primarily for the long-term benefit.


I have been told that the lease on my first property will be renewed shortly and I may be able to get an even longer one than three years. I will continue to invest as and when equity becomes available, as long as Northstar believe this is the wise thing to do. I would hope to retire (I am 48 now) with around seven properties to my name."

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