"For people who don't have the time to do it themselves, this armchair service is ideal, especially because of the security the long leases bring."


Andrew Horn
Owner of five properties in north and east London




Andrew Horn, 43, did not have a pension and had been worrying about how he could provide for his wife and two children in his retirement. He met Agi Eugenio and liked his idea. In the first half of 2005, he bought five 2-bed properties. He adds:


"All my properties have just had their leases renewed for another three years. All I have had to do is a little bit of refurbishment, as well as the maintenance that needs doing from time to time. The surplus provided by the monthly rent over the monthly mortgage payment has paid for all the maintenance and refurbishment work.


"I bought these properties as a long-term investment. I am quite happy to ride out any fluctuations in the market and I fully expect the investment to pay dividends as I approach retirement age."

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