Agi has over 500 happy clients who between them own several hundred properties right across London. The majority of clients have demonstrated their satisfaction by investing in more property through Agi as soon as their equity allows.

In property, experience and market knowledge are everything. The staff at Northstar have both in abundance. They have worked together successfully for a number of years, creating hundreds of happy clients along the way.


Northstar is owned and run by Agi Eugenio. Agi has worked in the property industry for 35 years, having started as a legal executive for a firm of solicitors, then working his way up to become Managing Director of a plc property company developing sites in the south east, a position he held for nine years. He is also a qualified mortgage broker and has been MD of Northstar Homes since he set up the company 15 years ago.

Stelios Stylianou


Stelios is the company's Financial Controller. He also works closely with clients, taking them through various processes involved in buying a property and working with local authorities. Stelios' rich experience includes being the Audit Manager for a firm of Chartered Accountants for 7 years and the Financial Controller of a large textile company.

Suzannah Knight


Suzannah is responsible for procuring properties in east and south London.  She identifies the right properties and develops strong relationships with local estates agents. In addition, she looks adter our corporate clients, who want to provide their employees with an unrivalled investment opportunity.

Northstar is also supported by a wealth of trusted colleagues, see the team page for more details.

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